30 of the Most Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

A keyboard shortcut is the combination of keys programmed together to invoke a particular computer-program function. Computer shortcuts are always fun, aren’t they? They stimulate a weird but good feeling of exhilaration upon execution, like those moments when you apply a cheat on computer games. A bit of an exaggeration, maybe; nonetheless, keyboard shortcuts are amusing and always multiply your productivity. We hope you are really excited as we present you with the best keyboard shortcuts (for windows 10). Let us begin:

The Elementary Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts are statistically the most common ones. If you use a computer, you should know at least all of them.

Ctrl + A → Highlight/select all contents of the current folder
Ctrl + C → Copy selected content to the clipboard
Ctrl + X → Cut selected content to the clipboard
Ctrl + V → Paste selected content
Ctrl + Z → Undo last action
Ctrl + Y → Redo last undone action (does not work if Ctrl + Z has not been used)
Ctrl + D → Delete selected content

Desktop & Navigation Shortcuts

Desktop and navigation shortcuts are aimed to increase your efficiency while opening, closing and navigating through various windows and desktop modes on your computer.

Alt + F4 → Close/shut-down running window
Win + D → Show/hide desktop (cascade windows)
Win + Ctrl + D → Add open a virtual desktop
Alt + Tab → Switch apps
Win + Tab → Open task-view mode
Win + Left Arrow → Snap window to the left (split vertically)
Win + Up Arrow → Resize window
Win + L → Lock desktop
Win + I → Open settings

File-action Shortcuts

Have you ever wondered how easy would it be if we had a shortcut to create a new folder, or to rename a file?

Ctrl + Shift + N → Create a new folder
Ctrl + Shift + Click → Open app as an administrator
Alt + Double-click → Open file properties
F2 → Rename selected content
F5 → Refresh current window
Win + E → Open File Explorer

Miscellaneous Shortcuts

Behold! because there are more. These are some other groovy shortcuts that would positively augment your computing output. Miscellaneous does not mean they are redundant, do they?

Win + PrtScn → Take a screenshot of current desktop
Windows key + Shift + S → Take a partial-screenshot (screen-clipping)
Ctrl + Shift + Esc → Open Task Manager
Ctrl + N → Open new-window for the current app
Win + S → Open windows search menu
Win + R → Open windows run context
Win + V → Open clipboard bin
Win + Number (0-9) → Switch between taskbar apps according to position (0-)
Windows key + Period (.) or semicolon (;) → Open emoji panel

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