Technolobe started back in May 2016 as a YouTube channel. The aim always was and is to provide high quality tech content. We always try to help people make an informed decision about buying new technology. Our goal is to keep things simple and minimalistic for the average Joe out there. Technology is meant to make our lives easier and we help you find the right gadget to do just the same.

Meet our team:

Harsh Punjabi (Founder)

I have always been passionate about technology. Trying out new gadgets like smartphones, laptops, headphones, etc. has always been very fascinating and one fine day, I decided to take this passion and turn it into something substantial. This is how technolobe was born. At first it all started as a naive hobby and as time went by, my interest in content creation went on increasing.

No matter what I do in life, technolobe is always going to be a very big part of me because it involves the two things that I am most passionate about in life, Technology and Content Creation. Being able to try out the latest tech gadgets and to help people make an informed buying decision is what keeps me going.If you ever have any queries regarding anything in life, feel free to drop me an email at – harsh [at] technolobe [dot] com

Thanks, cheers.

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Anurag Joshi (Intern)

Hey, My name is Anurag Joshi. I am 18 and I am a college student who likes making videos. I have always been fascinated by videos and cameras in general since I was very young and this grew as an interest and finally into a hobby which I love. I love filmmaking and I have my own YouTube channel where I upload content. I also have a keen interest in photography.

Currently I intern at Technolobe as a videographer and content writer.

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Mohit Aryal (Writer)

Mohit Aryal

Hey! I’m Mohit Aryal. I am currently a student and a learner. I am interested in science and technology. I love to be updated with technology, android and smartphones especially.

Besides, I share a passion for cinematography, movies and music. I am learning photography and I wish to excel on that in near future- even though it is a never-ending journey. Smile! for some day we are going to cross each other’s path in disguise. Peace.

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