The Ultimate Desk Setup Guide

There is always a space dedicated to certain things where we are meant to conduct a particular task or a habit. A kitchen, for example, is used for cooking, a study for reading, a parlour to laze off and, not to mention, a restroom for facilities. We have evolved – architecturally – as social beings. Every space has a definite purpose and an assigned motivation behind it. But, for a tech article, that might be a stretch. To state the obvious, we are here to discuss nothing but some excellent desk setup ideas.


Most often than not, the desk area is where we orchestrate the most crucial aspect of our life: be it working, studying, or even sporting. A workspace is where you are meant to feel responsible, dedicated, and at the same time joyful and motivated. It is where your productivity matters.

A cluttered workspace can project an unknown amount of cognitive load on your brain, resulting in an eristic annoyance during your work, and you will never know.

As Larry Winget once said, “A disorganized workspace means disorganized work habits. A sloppy work environment equals sloppy results.” So, it might be best to look over at your desk condition once in a while. To clean it, to maintain it regularly. A desk should be free from all those bits and bobs that disturb your workflow. It should be how you like it.

Technolobe + 101 Design Studio’s Guide to The Ultimate Desk Setup

It is at this time we are using our desk more than ever, this quarantine—work from home, study from home, everything from home actually. Therefore, we have decided to share some of our desk setups with you, hoping that you are equally reluctant to see. So, let’s roll on.

Desk Setup 1: The Designer

Here are all the pieces used in this setup

Alternative Options

Desk Setup 2: The IT Employee

Here are all the pieces used in this setup

Alternative Options

Desk Setup 3: The Self Employed

Here are all the pieces used in this setup

Desk Setup 4: The Gamer

Here are all the pieces used in this setup

Desk Setup 5: The Content Creator

Here are all the pieces used in this setup


It isn’t just the desk-top that makes a workspace workable. A significant part is contested by the chairs too. An inappropriate chair can affect your health woefully, resulting in a neck strain, pain on the limbs and a bad long-term posture. On the other hand, an ergonomic chair is exceptionally comfortable to sit at and also fixes the prior mentioned wrongs.

If you are spending a significant amount of time on a chair, you better invest in a suitable substance, too, because that chair will impact your work and health adversely in the long term. An ergonomic chair assures maximum comfort, ensures right posture and is stable. Some features to look for while buying a good chair are:

  • The right amount of height and width, with good depth that is also adjustable.
  • Good lower-back support with adjustable lumbar height.
  • A good chair is always flexible with the back-tilt to handle the pressure you situate on it.
  • An ergonomic chair should always have a comfortable material, added with the right amount of padding to support you for long-term sitting.
  • A good chair also has supporting armrests and offers a swivel for rotating in order to reduce tension and hassle while reaching around.

Some good chair options

Parting Words

Well, that was it. We sincerely hope that the article was entertaining and helpful. We aspire that you have already set off to recondition your working space, or creating one if you have not already. And, be sure to tag us to our socials to share your workspace and desk setups. We would love to have a glimpse at it. Meanwhile, signing off. (°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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