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Top 5 Apps That Are Not Available in Playstore

Android is one of the most welcoming platforms for app developers. Google Play Store is the largest app store featuring wide range of applications for android users. There seldom be any apps that you wouldn’t find on play store. It features a colossal library of apps that span across multiple stratums and substratum. Due to the broad districts playstore encompasses, one rarely had to think outside. But, on the contrary, the grass is a lot greener outside. There is plethora of apps outside Google Play Store that serves extensive purposes of human exigency; however, they get mixed up in the galactic spectrum of Internet and thus, aren’t popular sometimes so as to reach the general consumers. We present you the list of extensively useful apps that are not available in playstore.

Top 5 Apps That Are Not Available in Playstore

Note: We do not take any liabilities of possible data fiddling or security breaches. Even though these apps are all safe, we suggest you to check the permissions they access.

1. AIO Downloader

AIO Downloader (AtoZ Downloader) is an alternative Android app store that allows you to install and discover apps in an easy, exciting and safe way. is a hub of apps, games, movies, music and mods for android. As the name suggests, it is an all in one stop for you to download anything you require of. AtoZ downloader caches over 500M of apps and 1000M of songs & movies that are free to download.

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2. Videoder

Videoder is one of the most clean and easiest YouTube downloaders out there. Since YouTube limits download to certain videos, it becomes harder for people who prefer to consume medias offline. With Videoder, you can download videos up to 4K resolution, audio up to 256Kbps, batch download your playlist and browse through an inbuilt ad blocker. With features like quick download and smart link detection, it becomes even more convenient. Videoder works not just for YouTube but 50 other sites including Instagram, Facebook, Hotstar, Voot and Vk.

The handiest feature on Videoder is the ability to download YouTube videos and audios without having to open Videoder itself. If you feel like downloading, you just have to click on download button from share option. Then you can shuffle through some formats and resolution as per your preference and download your file. It is much practical and time-saving than other downloaders out there.

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3. Cinehub

Cinehub is a free movie streaming app. The reason for it is the user interface alone. Unlike other apps, which are filled up with ads and very bitter interface, Cinehub is the breath of fresh air. One can easily confuse it with other official streaming services. It has got a good collection of movies. Majority of famous movies are uploaded on daily basis. The only disadvantage of this app is- it has not got all the movies and TV shows. If you are into underrated/infamous movies, you probably would have a hard time finding it. But, nevertheless, it will get you covered for most of the times.

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4. Musify

Most of the people want to stream and download music offline. However, all streaming platforms have paid subscription and do not let you store music offline. Musify is an app with a very scrubbed and minimalist interface. You can stream and download songs from all around with just one click. The final note- it is free; every song you listen, each sound you download is totally free of cost. It is reposited from Telegram and must admit, it does not leave you unimpressed.

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5. Bloackada

Ads are more popular than ever in 2020. Literally, everything has an ad somewhere. Well, ads are not bad; it is the prominent way to support something over internet and an easy way to gain revenue. But with the excessive number of ads and pop ups, use of trackers and malwares, the whole browsing experience has grown hollow. Moreover, bad ads and cookies invite vulnerabilities to your online privacy. Ad blocker, hence, help preserve your online footprint and security over internet. Bloackada is an ad blocker that effectively does so.

Bloackada helps prevent adware, malware, and trackers from sticking to you. It blocks ads, tracker and malware from internet and avoid them from following you or tracking your browsing history, interests and location. Bloackada not just prevents malicious payload but also saves your data usage and internet speed. Most importantly, it works across all the apps, not just browsers. It is a open source, free and safe to download.

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Parting Words

So that was the list of apps that we found productive and useful. It may seem as if we promote moded or pirated apps; however, just to be clear, it is highly suggested that you buy apps that helps you. As the paid and official versions are always going to be better than some flicky alternatives. Also, by buying the apps or applying for subscription, you will be supporting all the hardworking developers and artists out there. Thank you for reading up to the end.

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