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Top 4 Custom ROMs for Redmi K20 Pro: May 2020!

Redmi K20 Pro  (Mi 9T Pro) is one of the most famous phones in the custom ROM development community. There are many custom ROMs available for Redmi K20 Pro/ Mi 9T Pro and it gets confusing as to which one to install. Today let’s talk about the Top 4 Custom ROMs for Redmi K20 Pro.

MIUI has been getting a lot of hate recently especially because of the Ads in their UI and also because of the recent privacy issues with Mi Browser. Hence a lot of people prefer installing custom ROMs to get a more clean and smooth experience on their phones.

We have tried multiple ROMs on Redmi K20 Pro and curated this list for you.


  1. Unlocked Bootloader
  2. Custom Recovery Installed (TWRP Recovery is recommended)

If you don’t know how to do the above two things, don’t worry. We have a different article on How to Unlock Bootloader and install TWRP Recovery on a MIUI Phone.

Read that article carefully and follow it step by step to unlock the Bootloader of your phone and also install TWRP Recovery. Please note that this process will erase all the data on your phone. Hence please take all the necessary backups before you proceed.

Top 4 Custom ROMs for Redmi K20 Pro

  • Pixel Experience ROM

Pixel experience is probably one of the best ROMs available out there. As the name suggests it gives Pixel like experience on your phone. Basically it is an AOSP based stock android ROM which has features similar to the latest Pixel devices by Google.

Essentially you’ll be getting a software experience like Pixel 4 on your Redmi K20 Pro. Stock android launcher, stock icons, stock apps, stock android gestures and a lot of other cool stuff. Pixel Experience is mainly focused on providing you a software like Google gives with their smartphones.

If you are looking to move away from MIUIs bloatware and cluttered UI, then Pixel Experience is a great option. Pixel Experience also has great performance. The developer has optimised it very well for Redmi K20 Pro. We have made a dedicated video on Pixel Experience for K20 Pro, you can watch it here – Click Here.

Pixel Experience Download – Website

  • Evolution X ROM

Evolution X is another stock android based ROM like Pixel Experience, but with some added customisation features. There customisation features are actually very useful and fun to use. Here’s a list of features that Evolution X offers –

  • 20 Accent Colors
  • 5 Lock Screen Clock Styles
  • Notification light Config
  • Gaming Mode Quick Settings Tile
  • Quick Settings Rows & Columns Customization
  • Power Menu Customization

There are tons of other features and customisations as well. While being customisable, evolution X also offers great performance. Especially for gaming, it is a great custom ROM. We tried to play PUBG on this ROM and it works like a charm.

Evolution X Download – XDA

  • Extended UI

ExtendedUI is a stock android ROM based on Pixel Experience. Stock android means that you get the software that google provides with their pixel devices. ExtendedUI is clean, smooth and fast. I love stock android ROMs because they literally have no bloatware whatsoever. Here are some features that ExtendedUI offers –

  1. Ambient edge lighting
  2. FOD icon picker
  3. Double-tap to sleep on status bar / lock screen
  4. Smart replies toggle
  5. Battery charging light customisations
  6. Notification snooze function
  7. Navigation bar customisations
  8. Lockscreen shortcuts customisations
  9. Configurable amount of screen height used for gestures

ExtendedUI is great when it comes to performance. I didn’t notice any lag whatsoever. It’s great for daily usage and also for gaming. Games like PUBG work absolutely fine and I didn’t notice any frame drops or stutters. ExtendedUI is based on Pixel Experience which is why it has such good performance.

Extended UI Download – XDA

  • LineageOS

LineageOS is another great ROM for Redmi K20 Pro. This one too is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and aims at providing stability and performance. I really like the performance of LineageOS.

LineageOS is also based on stock android. It doesn’t offer you many customisation options but it is really good in terms of raw performance and stability. It is based on Android 10 and you do get all the latest stock android features like dark mode, stock gestures, latest security patches, etc.

If you want to install a stock ROM with great performance then LineageOS is a great fit for you. Try it out and I am sure you will have a great experience.

LineageOS Download – XDA


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  1. which rom has call recording features? for me it is deal-breaker to go with a rom which has no call recording feature

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