Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5 – Every YouTubers Dream Camera!

Canon has been known for not giving us all the features that we wish for in their cameras. For example, the famous 4K crop on their mirrorless cameras. Frankly it’s very annoying as consumers because the competition out there was giving way better features at the exact same price (or lesser in some cases).

But (there’s always a but) Canon seemed to have listened to us finally by announcing the Canon EOS R5. Canon EOS R5 is the camera that everyone has been waiting for. Every YouTube creator who uses a canon camera will be extremely happy with the all new EOS R5.

Today let’s talk about this new mirrorless full frame beauty by Canon and why is it potentially every YouTuber creators dream camera.

Canon EOS R5 is supposed to come with a newly designed CMOS full frame sensor. Canon hasn’t revealed the sensor resolution for EOS R5. Although, the rumours suggest that it will be a 45MP full frame sensor. We can expect it to come with an upgraded full frame high resolution CMOS sensor.

  • Canon EOS R5 Video Specs

One of the main areas of focus (pun intended) in this camera is the video shooting capabilities. EOS R5 is a power house when it comes to shooting videos. Here are some numbers for you –

  1. 8K internal RAW recording at up to 29.97fps
  2. 4K at up to 119.88fps* in either 4:2:2 10bit Canon Log or 4:2:2 10bit HDR PQ
  3. External recording is available up to 4K 59.94 fps

Yeah you read that right, 8K internal RAW recording at up to 30fps is just crazy. Remember this is a full frame mirrorless camera with a pretty small form factor. The fact that you can now shoot 8K RAW handheld from a mirrorless camera is just insane! What a time to be alive.

The cherry on the cake is that DUAL Pixel AutoFocus will be available for up to 8K 30FPS. Canon is arguably the best in class when it comes to autofocus. Canon Dual Pixel AF is extremely accurate and reliable.

One more thing, this time canon is not playing the “Crop game”. That means we’ll get full 8K video recording without any crop. Thats just amazing.

  • Canon EOS R5 Image Stabilisation

Canon has not always provided the best stabilisation solutions in their cameras. But that changes with the EOS R5. Canon EOS R5 will come equipped with IBIS (In-body stabilisation) that will work in combination with the lens stabilisation system when using lenses that come with built-in stabilisation option.

This is great news for videographers. Now we can literally shoot an entire b-roll sequence in 4K at 120FPS hand held. I am really excited to get my hands on the EOS R5 and start shooting some really crispy and stable b-roll.

  • Canon EOS R5 Design

Well we haven’t seen the EOS R5 in person yet, buy it is supposed to based on the original Canon EOS R. That means it is gonna be a small camera as compared to something like the massive Canon EOS 1DX mark III (that camera is HUGE!).

Hence, shooting hand held with the EOS R5 isn’t gonna be a problem which makes it a prefect fit for Vloggers. Vloggers just need to carry one camera in their bag now which is small and can shoot up to 8K 30FPS.

  • Canon EOS R5 Things that we don’t know

There are still a lot of things unknown about this new EOS R5. We will have to wait for it to be officially launched and then we’ll get to know everything about this camera. Canon has been releasing and teasing some features here and there. They’re basically building up hype for the EOS R5 and guess what? it is definitely working.

Canon has got the attention of a lot of photographers, video creators and YouTubers. Everyone seems to be super impressed by the new EOS R5 and especially its video shooting capabilities.

Some YouTubers like Peter McKinnon got a chance to check out the EOS R5 in person. Obviously they didn’t talk about the camera much because it’s still under wraps.

  • Canon EOS R5 Pricing and Availability

What about pricing and availability of EOS R5? There’s no official date or price for the EOS R5. Canon has been very secretive about those aspects. Anyway if we go by Canon’s history, the EOS R5 is not going to be cheap at all. It might be way more expensive that you imagine.

I’m guessing that it would start at around $5000 (USD) if not more. With all these great specifications canon is going to make some great money out of the EOS R5.

If Canon delivers all the things mentioned in the spec list properly then creative professionals wouldn’t mind paying a premium for it. The main thing that matters here is delivering on the promises and giving a great experience to the users.











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