Xiaomi MI Reader Pro: A New Kindle Alternative?


We might all be aware that Xiaomi is an eminence in the smartphone business; however, most of us often forget that it is an equally proficient brand in lifestyle and home electronics. Apart from smartphones, Xiaomi encompasses a wide gamut of products spanning from bag, shoes, and toothbrush to smartphone, wearables, and home appliances in its portfolio.
Extending its consumer electronics catalog, Xiaomi has recently launched a new e-reader: Xiaomi MI Reader Pro. The successor to Xiaomi MI reader, the pro variant competes directly with the higher-end e-readers like the Kindle Oasis and Kobo Libra h20, both in terms of price and features. Let us inspect what specifications it puts forward:

Design & Display

MI Reader Pro waves a 7.8inch e-paper display. The display panel is Carta HD by E Ink and has a resolution of 1872 x 1404 with a pixel density of 300 PPI. It weighs about 251gm and has a thickness of 7mm. It is quite massive compared to its counterparts and comes in black variant only.

E-paper display, unlike the regular ones, mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. While other displays emit light continuously, e-paper reflects the contents on screen as if they were printed on paper directly. Thus, the content on the e-paper remains there even without electricity and consumes power only when it is changing. Therefore, it possesses no harm to your eyes and you can run into a prolonged reading session without much eye-strain.

Xiaomi MI Reader Pro has a 24-stage lighting to adjust the brightness and offers multiple color tones which can be tuned from warmer-tones to cooler-tones as per your reading environment.

Features & Specifications

Under the hood, MI Reader Pro is powered by an unspecified quad-core processor. It comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage and is equipped with a custom UI based on Android Oreo. It also has an EPDC (Electronic Paper Display Controller) for smooth page turning and lower power consumption.

The e-reader comes with essential Chinese apps like Baidu and WeChat Reading. Meanwhile, you can install other apps through its app store.

Voice Assistant: Xiaomi has implemented its own Xiao AI for voice functionalities in MI Reader Pro. Therefore, it supports voice reading. It can also be utilized to make browsing faster and easier; much more efficient than slower type-input.

Sharing: MI Reader Pro is integrated with Baidu Cloud for book sharing. Alternatively, you can used WLAN, USB or Bluetooth 5.0 as well.

File Formats: MI Reader Pro supports various file formats including .txt, .epub, .pdf, .xlsx, .ppt, and .doc.

Youth Mode: In order to protect the healthy growth of young people, the reader has specially launched a youth mode. Under this mode, some functions will not be open to use. A selected batch of educational and knowledge content will be presented in the bookstore for users in the youth mode read.

Battery & Charging

Moving on, MI Reader Pro houses a 3,200mAh battery which supports 10W charging through a USB-C port. Xiaomi claims that a single full-charge can yield up to 70 days of standby-time in Mi Reader Pro.

Price & Availability

Since it isn’t a global launch, MI eBook Reader Pro is available for pre-order in China only. It is priced at 1,099 Yuan and can be ordered from Xiaomi’s own website or their crowdfunding platform Youpin.

  Price Expected Price
Mi Reader Pro             1,099 Yuan Rs. 12,350 (US $165)

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